I want to get tested how does it work?

The process for having your DNA tested is as follows:

1. Obtain a DNA Collection Kit from an accredited GENEWAY™ Practitioner.
2. Find a GENEWAY™ Practitioner HERE, or e-mail us at lab@geneway.co.za for recommended Practitioners in your area. 
If there is not a GENEWAY™ Practitioner in your area, order a DNA Collection Kit from orders@geneway.co.za – additional courier costs will apply.
Contact us at info@geneway.co.za if you would like us to speak to a specific Practitioner on your behalf to discuss the genetic testing.
3. Take a quick and painless DNA sample from the inside of your cheek.   
4. Clear instructions are included in the DNA Collection Kit or watch the video HERE.
5. Return the sample to your Practitioner or book a courier service by sending an email to orders@geneway.co.za.
6. You will be notified via email when the sample arrives at the laboratory and when your results are ready.
7. Your GENEWAY™ Practitioner will interpret and discuss the results with you.GENEWAY™ DNA Test