Supplement Subscription Box 3
Supplement Subscription Box 3
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Supplement Subscription Box 3

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Box 3 Contains Five Supplements Per Month

Not all vitamins are necessary for all people. Introducing the GENEWAY Supplement Subscription Boxes, the service that ensures that you have access to the best supplements on the market. Testing your DNA through GENEWAY now has an added benefit: access to this innovative new service.


After doing a GENEWAY test, your practitioner can formulate a list of the supplements your body needs most to bridge your nutrient gap based on your DNA. This means that the supplements you will be taking will be in the right dosage and form for your needs, based on your body’s genes, not according to vague market recommendations.


The GENEWAY Subscription Box service makes use of this data to compile a list of the best supplements for you and delivers these to your door every second month. Additionally, the service keeps track of what you received last time, so if, for example, your last box included a supplement with 120 capsules that prescribes 1 per day, we won’t send you this product again until four months later.


Plus there is a cost benefit. It is cheaper to buy the GENEWAY Subscription Box than the supplements individually. What’s more is that every box contains a small surprise item. This item may be a protein bar, a nutritional shake serving or something as simple as sugar free treats. If we told you, it would ruin the surprise.


The GENEWAY range of supplements were uniquely formulated to provide the nutritional quantities that have been identified to cater for gene mutations commonly found in South African pathology. They contain ingredients from a selection of the highest quality nutrients.  


How it works


  1. You can test your genes through GENEWAY. Select any of the specific tests or the GeneCombo test
  2. Your results will be presented to you by an accredited GENEWAY practitioner and you’ll receive a detailed report to take home for future reference
  3. Request a quote for your subscription boxes-Click here (insert link)
  4. Your custom requirements of supplements will be compiled by our expert dietician tailored to your DNA tests
  5. You will receive a quote on email for your personalized box, which you need to accept in writing by replying to the email
  6. You will receive your GENEWAY Subscription Box delivered to your door every second month
  7. Every second month, you’ll receive a new box with top ups tailored to your timeline


Frequently asked questions


How many supplements are in each box?

The GENEWAY subscription box is compiled according to your nutritional needs that are based on your DNA report. There is a choice of 3 boxes, box 1 contains three supplements, box 2 contains four supplements and box 3 contains five supplements. Rest assured that our quotes are accurately calculated and provide the best value for money.


Do I need to stop buying other vitamins?

Not necessarily. Our subscription box will include the GENEWAY? supplements that you need most based on your genetic profile. However, you are welcome to add additional supplements to what you are taking, and ask your healthcare practitioners for advice.


May I cancel my subscription service?

Yes, you may cancel your GENEWAY Subscription Box service at any time. Ensure that you cancel at least 14 days prior to your next delivery to ensure that you stop it before the next box gets delivered


Are the supplements available elsewhere?

Yes, the GENEWAY supplements are available individually from selected GENEWAY practitioners, selected wellness practices and through outlets such as Takealot. However, the GENEWAY Subscription Box service is only available through and the only way to access the savings provided through this service.


Where are the GENEWAY supplements manufactured?

The GENEWAY supplements are manufactured in a South African laboratory using premium ingredients.


Where is delivery available?

Delivery is available across South Africa only


What are the delivery costs? 

Delivery costs are included in the price that you are quoted


May supplements be returned after delivery?

No, supplements may not be returned after delivery due to health and safety implications